Cloud computing has gained a very strong following not just because it is one of the most modern applied technologies, but it does provide a lot of benefits for businesses and organizations.

The statistics behind cloud-based technologies and its applications are far-reaching. Take, for example, a business supplied with IT support and services in Virginia, can compete collaborate and share documents or storage space with another branch anywhere else in the US.  It enjoys the same level of network security and access limited to restricted individuals, all in the virtual network landscape thanks to cloud technology. Continue reading “Three ways to take advantage of cloud technology”

Most newly started businesses today create a corporate website on Facebook almost before the Brønnøysund Register has assigned them an organization number. Well established and so-called “old businesses” also come after, which is positive for all parties.

Why would you like to go on Facebook?
First of all, it is important that you appear. If you do not know that you exist, they will not leave any kind of value in your business. Secondly … No, it’s just okay to create a bullet list.

As a start in the social media subject, I want to embarrass what a blog is. Although there are hundreds of thousands of blogs on .no addresses, surprisingly many people do not know that the word “blog” is a Norwegian variant of the telescopic word “blog”, which was originally made up of “web” and “log”. That’s a weblog.